Camp Rockwell 2021 Update

Good news, we are going to run Camp Rockwell 2021

If you have a booking with us since last year you were sent an email on 28th May. If you didn’t get an email please let us know at as some of you have incorrect emails which have bounced back and some of you have informed us that you have emails which you may not be able to access.

Our terms and conditions have been updated but these will be a work in progress. There are numerous restrictions which apply and at the moment that includes the pool which cannot be used for groups, if this comes on board we will open it but we will not be able to give a daily swim as groups cannot mix. Our activities will mainly be outdoor so it will be important to provide the changes of clothes and rain jacket as per our website FAQs – what to bring. Indoor sports are expected to be allowed by July and we can incorporate that if we are able to, however, we will endeavour to still hold most activities outside.

Under safety protocols, it is worth noting that children will not be allowed change groups after the first day to avoid pods mixing and children will remain in their pods during lunch as well to avoid pod mixing. We intend to make groups in advance so if your child has friends they would like to be with please let us know that information when booking. We are currently confined to a maximum of 15 in a pod so it may not be possible for large groups of friends to all be together but we will try our best to accommodate your requests.

We are identifying every large available space indoors to ensure that should groups need to come inside we will be able to allocate a space to each group and not have them mixing. Lunch will be provided as normal, albeit in a more distanced setting, similar to how we have ran lunches for the students during the academic year. We are looking at staffing and planning same, as it will not be possible to change leaders daily due to the risk of cross infection should a case arise. We will also have a 60% capacity due to social distancing / pod size and only having the majority of activities outside.

All of this is dependent on cases remaining stable and the reopening plans continuing. If cases rise in the country and lockdowns are reimposed or if a case arises during the camp, we may have to cancel at short notice and I know you will all understand that such a situation is beyond our control and the safety of our campers and staff is paramount.

Booking site opens:

From Thursday 3rd June you can book at and its first come, first served.

In advance of Thursday please familiarise yourself with the website, the terms and conditions, FAQs, rates, bus routes etc so that you are aware of all factors before booking.

It is a very busy time for us so please check the website with your query before ringing or emailing the College.


The more favourable terms for cancellation, offered last year, still apply for Camp 2021, they are:

Option A: If you wish to cancel your booking you may do so and you will forfeit a €10 administration fee per child / maximum of €20 per family and we will refund the remainder of the amount you paid.

You may cancel the place anytime up to midnight on the day before your camp week begins ie Sunday night. After that no refund will apply. If your child is present for part of the week or if camp has to be cancelled during the week no refund will apply once the week has commenced.

Safety Protocols:

Given the age cohort of our staff and campers, the majority are not expected to have received their vaccine by July, therefore, we ask that you do not book a place for your child if they or a person in their household is still at high risk due to Covid-19 and you have concerns around their participation. Please view our terms and conditions & FAQs on our website regarding medical conditions

We need your help to make this work. We ask you, as parents & guardians, to be responsible as regards your child and Covid-19 symptoms. Please do not send them if they are displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19. If they require any temperature reducing medication before they attend please do not send them to camp. These controls are in place in schools throughout the country and, in the main, have worked very well and we ask you to enforce the same protocols when considering if your child is well enough to attend camp.

We will have our own controls in place and all staff will be wearing masks, children will not be required to wear masks but it will be their option to do so if they wish. Staff will not be enforcing mask wearing amongst the children.

All those travelling on our buses must wear masks at all times while on the bus, this is to ensure that those in a bus from different groups/pods will not compromise other pods/groups.

All those travelling by car, including the adults, must wear masks at all times in the car if they are travelling with non-family members, this is to ensure that those in a car from different groups/pods will not compromise other pods/groups.

Any adult dropping off children must wear a mask if they need to speak to a staff member, if you require a meeting please email to arrange a time for same as our staff are busy at collection and drop off times.

A different drop-off / collection regime will be in place so we ask that you arrive in good time and abide by our signs and staff directions to ensure safety for all. We know you are rushing to work etc but if your child is attending camp you must adhere to our arrangements, we will do our best to make it as quick as possible but inevitably there will be delays, particularly on Monday mornings.

We ask you to limit your child’s social interactions before they come to camp and while they are attending to limit the chance of bringing a case of Covid-19 into our camp.

Thank you for entrusting your child to us year after year and we thank you for the lovely messages of support that we get from so many each year in appreciation of the excellent job that our staff do in providing a unique, multi activity, fun filled camp for your child. We are delighted to be able to bring good news to you this year and know that you will support us in our efforts to ensure it is safe for all.

Please continue to be careful so that we can keep going in the right direction and so that, as promised last year, Camp will finally get to celebrate its 50th birthday party with your children this July in a controlled and safe manner.

If you have any queries please check the website first, as you can imagine it’s going to be a hectic June for us. If you can’t find what you need on our website please send an email via the website contact section and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Virtual high fives to you all. See you in July !

Best wishes and stay safe from

Joan Kennedy, Camp Director

on behalf of the entire Camp Team

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