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Frequently asked questions and answers for Camp Rockwell

When you book your child into Camp Rockwell you are agreeing to the Terms & Condtions & the Frequently asked questions information provided.

1/ My child has special dietary needs can he/she be catered for?

Yes as long as we are notified in advance we can provide a menu suited to their needs. We reserve the right to refuse the booking if the dietary requirement attaches to a medical condition which we deem to be one which we cannot accommodate. All decisions will be made with the best interests of the child in mind and the overall camp best interests. We do not provide one to one care. If your child attends the camp and during the course of the programme you are asked to take them home, the reasons will be explained to you and you agree to comply with our request as it is being made with the best interests of your child and all the other children in our care.

2/ My child has special health requirements?


There is a nurse on duty for the camp for minor injuries, she is not there to provide one to one medical care for underlying health issues. It is very important that you provide us with written advance notice of your child’s medical requirements and written confirmation that the child is self managing their condition. There are some medical conditions which camp may not be able to accommodate, in this instance we will be guided by the advice of our medical staff when making a decision on whether or not we can take your child. In the best interest of your child and all children attending the camp, please provide us with very detailed information. All children attending the camp must be self managing their condition.

If your child has a condition that requires one to one care or if they have an SNA in school then they will require one to one care in Camp Rockwell, this facility is not available from Camp. Our nurse and staff cannot provide such a ratio of care.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of your SNA attending with your child please contact the Camp Office directly to discuss your child's individual requirements. A parent is not allowed to attend as the child's SNA. The camp reserves the right to refuse an SNA in certain circumstances.

3/ Do I need to give my child food or drinks?

The children will get a hot lunch and a dessert.

We have a shop & vending machines available. At your discretion, you can give your child change for the machines and shop, the machines also take card, note campers cannot bring phones to camp so the card loaded on their phones is not possible to use, they must have change or a physical card for the machines. Cash/coin only is accepted in the camp shop.

I would recommend giving them 2 bottles of water for use throughout the day. If you wish to give them a small snack you may do so.

The mini rockers are given an extra break at 3pm and we give them food and a drink at this time, they get an earlier lunch so that is why these groups get the extra food break.

4/ Can I take my child out early from camp if they have an appointment, can I bring my child late if they have a morning appointment, can I take my child and friends out early if they have an event to attend ?

Provided you have informed us, in writing (email will suffice to, then Yes, please come to reception and sign your child out and sign them back in again when they return to the camp.

There are two sign out / sign in times daily, these are 11.30am & 2pm daily. You may sign your child in or out at those times only. You can only sign out your own child. Late sign in or out is not allowed after 2pm daily.

If you need to take other children with you then each child's parent must inform us in advance in writing, stating the name of their child, the time they are leaving, the name of the person collecting their child and the relationship of the collecting person to their child.

5/ My child can’t swim can he/she participate in swimming and is it well supervised?

Please note that campers will have two or three pool sessions per week.

Yes, he/she may still participate in swimming. It is well supervised with qualified life guards and group leaders.

6/ Can my child get on the bus at a different stop?

NO, the only pick up and drop offs available are the ones on the timetable, please do not ask our bus drivers or camp leaders to compromise the safety of all on the bus by asking them to stop at an alternative location.

Bus Transport:

When a parent / guardian is not present for pick-up and contact cannot be made, the child will be brought back to the Camp at the end of the route and must be picked up at Camp Rockwell. If you arrive late to your bus stop and the bus has departed please do not try and stop the bus mid route, you may proceed to the next stop and collect your child there, this is in the interests of safety for all involved, our staff and drivers will not stop mid route. Campers availing of the transport service will be charged an additional €35 per child for the week. There is no discount for part of a week. Please note, bus times may change if there is a direct bus on your route. You will be informed on the first morning.

Campers on large routes of 2 or more buses will be on buses alphabetically which means their friends may be on a different bus, they can still be with their friends in the Camp Groups. ALL FAMILY MEMBERS MUST GO ON THE SAME BUS.

Some buses will not stop en route, they go direct to Camp. Do not presume that a friend along the route will be on the same bus. Do not presume you can collect your child at an alternative stop, they may not be on that bus that stops at that alternative location.

The only collection / drop-off points are those stated on the timetables.

I want to send a taxi to collect my child from the bus.

This is not allowed, we will not hand over a child to a taxi driver. Do not put your child and our staff in this position as we will refuse. If you, as the designated person to collect, cannot collect then you must inform the camp in writing before 2pm and we will inform the staff member on the bus of the change (

7/ Does my child need money coming to camp?

No they dont, we will have a shop and vending machines here so if you wish to give them some coins then this is at your own discretion, you can give them a drink and snacks if you wish.

8/ My child really enjoyed his/her week can I send them for another week? And is there a discount? This also applies where you book one child and subsequently decide a second child would like to attend.

Provided there is availability yes they can go for another week.

The discount of 20% is only available if you book the second week / second child at the same time as you book the first week / child. If you book the weeks separately the discount is not available.

9/ I need to cancel my booking do I get a refund?

You will receive a refund less €30 deposit/booking fee per child (max €50 per family) if you cancel up to 24 hours before your child is due to commence their booking. You may cancel for any reason and we guarantee this refund. The Bus charge of €35 is also refundable i.e. if you book the camp at €260 and have to cancel you will receive a refund of €230, if you book the camp at €260 Plus €35 for the bus you will receive a refund of €265.

If the camp cannot take place for any circumstance i.e. Act of God, Government Directive, Onsite issue, incident, pandemic, etc and is cancelled by the organisers then an admin fee will be deducted of €10 per child / max €20 per family administration charge. The balance of your payment will be refunded to you.

Once your child begins their stay with us, and if they have to leave for any reason, no refund is available at that stage.

10/ If it is raining do camp activities still go ahead?

Yes they go ahead, some variation on the timetable may be required depending on the weather conditions. Rockwell has ample space indoors so while some activities will continue in the rain, others may be moved inside. Please see the 'what to bring' list and include a light rain jacket.

11/ My child is going the same week as a friend can they be in the same group?

Yes they can be in the same group once you notify us of the request when booking but we do not guarantee such requests as we make the groups in advance. The childrens ages cannot be substantially different (plus or minus one year) and we are happy that all children in that group are able to participate in the activities suitable for that group e.g. an 11 year old can be with a 12 year old but an 11 year old cannot be with a 14 year old or an 8 year old.

Exception to the rule: Please remember that if your child is 7 and their friend is 8, they cannot be in the same group. Age 7 and under are in the mini rockers camp. Regardless of whether they are in the same class or are only a month or so apart in age, we have this rule which must be adhered to for the safety of all involved. If you child turns 8 during the camp we may not be able to facilitate a move to a group of 8 year olds as they will miss out on activiites and there may not be room in the group. The group they commence with will be the group they remain in, where possible. Some changes may be deemed necessary by the Camp.

Please do not ask us to compromise our safety rules as we will refuse. The rules are in place to protect everyone and ensure that all have an enjoyable time at our camp and that all activities are age appropriate.

Groups are made months in advance so please ensure you include your friends name when booking. This is a very large body of work so once groups are made amendments will rarely be allowed so its very important you get your request in when booking. We would hope that the minimum amount of group swapping will be necessary as when a group has done and activity your child will lose out on doing that activity if they move into that group.

12/ What does my child need to bring to camp?

Sun cream, please apply in the morning and send the bottle with them in their bag and they will be reminded to reapply it during the day. By booking a place in Camp Rockwell you are accepting that additional sunscreen, if required, may be applied by the Camp Nurse and you consent to the camp supplied brand of sunscreen.

One towel for aged 7 and under and two towels for aged 8 and over, swimming togs, swimming cap, goggles and armbands.(Swim caps are mandatory in our pool)

A rain jacket, 2 changes of clothes and a pair of old shoes for water activities. Please put the child’s name on all belongings. Please don’t bring valuables or phones, phones and such devices are banned. Please do not bring precious toys or branded/valuable/precious items of clothes as they may get lost.

Swimming togs/shorts/t-shirts can be worn on the waterpark. You can bring a second pair of swimming togs.

Please ensure that any medication you need your child to have is handed directly to our nurse on arrival or to our staff member on the bus. Please ensure that you also include a prescription for that medication. We cannot dispense any medication without the prescription. If you don't have the prescription you will need to ask your doctor or pharmacist for a copy to submit to us. This copy is not returned to you, it is kept with our records. No child is allowed to have medication in their bag. This is very important so that they do not take more than required and that no other child gains access to it.

Any medication required by a camper during camp hours must be discussed, with the nurse, by their parent/guardian prior to the camp commencing.

PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO CAMP DURING AND IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE PANDEMIC IF THEY ARE AT HIGH RISK OF SERIOUS ILLNESS IN THE EVENT THAT THEY CONTRACT COVID-19 OR ITS VARIANTS- thIs continues to apply even when restrictions are lifted as there may still be considerable threat to those with underlying conditions when mixing with large numbers. Please use your best judgement for what is appropriate for your child as there are no restrictions in place at camp for 2023.

13/ Can my child bring their phone to camp?

We are a multi activity programme and we pride ourselves in staying away from technology, in as far as possible, so that the campers enjoy the activities and immerse themselves in what they are doing. Increasingly, we are finding that students are on their phones and not participating eg. compiling tik toks with pals instead of doing the activity as scheduled or telling the staff member to wait as they are finishing a ‘game’ on their phone. This is not acceptable and therefore please inform your child that the use of mobile phones, iPads, iPods, virtual glasses, recording devices, other electronic devices etc. at Camp Rockwell is not allowed. We do not allow any electronic devices at Camp Rockwell, they must be left at home. We will confiscate all such devices including any device which we feel is not in keeping with the multi activity spirit of Camp Rockwell. We ask parents to ensure their child leaves all such devices at home. If confiscated we are not responsible for the safekeeping of such devices.

Your child does not need a phone or device to contact you, if they ask to phone you we will accommodate all such reasonable requests. No child is allowed walk home after the bus and so there is no need for phones, our staff will hand them over to you as the adult collecting them. If you are not there, the child will not be allowed stay at the stop, see the transport detail for the protocol where an adult does not arrive on time to collect. PLEASE ENSURE THE PHONE NUMBERS YOU GIVE US WHEN BOOKING ARE CORRECT FOR US TO CONTACT YOU DURING CAMP.

14/ Are there shorter days for the smaller kids as I think the day might be long for my Son/Daughter?

No there isn’t, but there would USUALLY be no problem taking your child out at the requested times (see Q.4 above) as long as they are signed out at reception but the same price applies. We tried a short day camp some years back and found that all attending it extended to the full day, the campers are normally well able for it, although they will be tired each evening and a good night’s sleep is very important.

Where possible, other evening events/family occasions/matches, should not be scheduled for the camp evenings, they will need that time to rest and be ready for the next day of excitement again. The weekend before camp should be activity free so that they are well rested before commencing the week with us.

15/ Will you ring me if my child gets injured?

The camp is a multi-activity camp and the nature of this means that, unfortunately, sometimes injuries arise. Our onsite nurse will attend to such injuries and, where necessary, she will make contact with you to explain the incident and her recommended course of action, if required.

16/ If my child is unsettled in their group, what happens?

You may bring your concerns to us or we may notice it ourselves, we will monitor the group to see where the difficulty is arising and we will then move to rectify the situation which may involve but is not limited to:

Speaking to the group as a whole

Speaking to an individual child

Moving your child or other children to other groups

Splitting the group

17/ I booked online but my email confirmation has not been received?

If this happens please check your spam folder for your email as it may be there. If not then phone us on 062-61444 and we can check that all is ok with your booking and reissue the confirmation. Sometimes this happens if you have a spelling error when submitting your email address. Sometimes it happens if you have not entered your payment card details correctly, the booking will sit on our system as pending, in this instance we will see it and try to make contact with you to let you know how to proceed. If you have any doubts contact us via email or phone 062-61444.

It is very important that you have setup 2 factor authentication on your card, many did not have that setup last year and their booking didnt go through and the places were all gone by the time they rectified the matter.

18/ My child has lost some of their belongings while at camp?

We encourage you to put their name on their property.

We have a lost property room, you are welcome to check the room in the morning when you bring your child in. If your child is travelling by bus or if your child's week has ended you can email us the details of the lost item and we will check for you. Your child can also tell our staff and check lost property themselves.

Lost property goes to charity two days after the end of the end of camp in July each year (after the weekend). It is not possible to redeem any item after we have sent it to Charity on the Monday after your camp week. Please check your child's belongings each evening and email, without delay, with details of any lost item.

19/ I made a booking for my first child and now my second wants to go, can I get the family discount?

Additional names cannot be added to bookings once that booking has been processed. Additional weeks cannot be added once that booking has been processed. Any additional booking must be made separately and no discount will accrue as a result of a previous booking. So please ensure you book for all your children at once to avail of the family discount.

20/ My child is 7 and his friend is 8 and I want my child to be in the bigger camp with his friend?

Refer to Q11.

Parents, please make yourself aware of our policy on this, via our T&Cs and FAQs, before your child arrives at camp. Please explain this to your child, before you book them in, if they fall into this age category.

Your child's date of birth must be correct. This is mandatory, any person who includes an incorrect date of birth for a child will be asked to leave the camp immediately and no refund will be allowed. The date of birth of your child is very important for their safety and for our medical staff and any emergency services. Please do not compromise your child's safety by inputting an incorrect date of birth.

21/ Can I arrive earlier to drop off my child?

ALL STUDENTS MUST be checked in and out with the Staff members in charge. Students arriving by car must arrive at 9.30a.m. (NO EARLIER PLEASE) and must be collected & signed out by an adult by 5p.m. Please do not arrive before 9.30am as our staff are in involved in other setup activities and planning up to 9.30am and will not be in a position to take charge of your child.

Please ensure you collect your child by 5pm as our staff have other end of day duties to complete and it is important that all are collected timely.

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