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Website Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you start using our website and booking system. By using our website and booking system, you indicate that you accept these terms of use and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not continue using our website and booking system.

Information about Us

Camp Rockwell has been in operation since 1970. It is Ireland’s longest running summer camp. It takes place in the grounds of Rockwell College Secondary School, near Cashel in Co. Tipperary and the Camp has access to all the College grounds and facilities. All Camp Rockwell staff are garda vetted.


Full Payment is required when booking and confirms parents, guardians and children accept our booking terms and conditions.

Debit and Credit Card Payments

There are no additional charges for the use of debit or credit cards. We do not store any payment card details. Please ensure your card is setup for 2 factor authentication with your bank, otherwise your booking will not get processed.


All bookings will be confirmed by email. No booking will be fully confirmed until full payment is received and registration details about each child are submitted. Responsibility for all booking details lies with the person who made the booking.

Changing your Booking

Subject to availability you will be able to alter your booking by contacting the Camp Office. Changes do not incur a charge.

Any additional payment arising from a change would be payable at the time of change (e.g. if the bus is added to an existing booking)

Cancelling your Booking

If you cancel your booking, you will receive a refund less €30 deposit/booking fee per child (max €50 per family) if you cancel up to 24 hours before your child is due to commence their booking. You may cancel for any reason and we guarantee this refund. The Bus charge of €35 is also refundable.

If the camp cannot take place and is cancelled by the organisers for any circumstance i.e. Act of God, Government Directive, Onsite issue, pandemic etc then an admin fee of €10 (max €20 per family) will be deducted and you will receive a refund of the remaining balance.

Once your child begins their stay with us, and if they have to leave for any reason, no refund is available at that stage.

Data Protection

Data will be dealt with accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Parent Feedback

We aim to provide the best possible care for all children at all times.

Please tell other parents if you are happy with your experience.

If you have concerns, suggestions or complaints, please tell us; we value your feedback and use it to develop and improve our services. Complaints should be raised at the earliest opportunity so that we can resolve it quickly.

Conditions of Booking

- Application is not accepted until the full fee has been paid.

- Additional names cannot be added to bookings once that booking has been processed.

- Additional weeks cannot be added once that booking has been processed.

- Any additional booking must be made separately and no discount will accrue as a result of a previous booking.

- The right is reserved to refuse admission or to dismiss, at any time, a camper whose presence by way of conduct or deportment is deemed by Camp Management to be detrimental to the best interests or safety of the Camp. No refunds will be made and any additional costs, including travel, will be at the parents’/guardians’ expense.

- The camp must be notified on application if a camper has health, special needs or dietary requirements.

- While Camp Rockwell may be able to successfully cope with many types of medical situations the right to refuse an application is reserved on the advice of the Camp’s medical staff and on the decision of the Camp Director, who will bear in mind the staff profile, the child's ability to cope with the Camp Program and the effect of the child's needs on staff and other campers. All children attending the camp must be self managing their condition.

- If your child has a condition that requires one to one care or if they have an SNA in school then they will require one to one care in Camp Rockwell, this facility is not available from Camp. Our nurse and staff cannot provide such a ratio of care.

- If we can offer a place to a child who has the services of an SNA in school then we have specific requirements which must be adhered to. We must have all our documentation for vetting completed in sufficient time. We reserve the right to refuse an SNA. The child's parent may not be the child's SNA during Camp.

- Please advise us of any special dietary requirements including food allergies at the time of booking, as these can be catered for by the Dining Room staff. It is very important for your child’s safety that you inform us in advance of food allergies or medical conditions affecting food intake. We are providing them with their 2 course lunch and we can prepare their meal separately and give it to them discreetly. Our onsite nurse and chefs will then have full details for all campers.

- You must provide details of your child's allergy / medical needs / health issues / chronic illness / additional needs to us in writing, at the time of booking or in advance of booking if your child has very specific requirements. Please note we do not provide one to one care. You are welcome to email us with more detailed specific information and we will arrange for the nurse to make contact with you, if needed, before you book your child in with us. Please ensure the phone numbers you provide are in use and contactable. If you do not provide the details and we subsequently find that your child has such an allergic/health issue/additional need, we will phone you to remove your child from the Camp, no refund will be issued in this instance. It is in your child's best interests that you provide the information to us.

- The programme will operate along the highest safety standards. Your child will follow the activities of the mini rocker programme if they are 7 or under. In the best interests and safety of your child, Campers under 8 will not be able to do some of the activities, such as the assault course, kayaking, waterpark & climbing wall. The Camp reserves the right to increase this age if a particular activity is deemed unsuitable for the group having regard to their age or height. A child who is 7 will not be allowed on the older camp regardless of whether they have a friend in that category.

- Parents / guardians will be liable for medical expenses incurred, including hospital charges. Camp Rockwell will not be responsible for any illness, disease, accident, travel delays or loss of property unless occasioned by a wilful act of negligence on the part of Camp Rockwell or one of it’s employees.

- Parents / guardians must not send their child to camp if the child is displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or if they or any member of the household is awaiting a test / test result or has a confirmed case of Covid-19. PLEASE DO NOT COMPROMISE THE SAFE RUNNING OF THE CAMP BY SENDING YOUR CHILD TO US IF THEY ARE UNWELL IN ANY WAY. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO CAMP IF YOU HAVE HAD TO GIVE THEM ANY TEMPERATURE REDUCING MEDICATIONS IN THE PREVIOUS 48 HOURS.

- Parents / guardians who request that their children stay longer than one week are advised that the programme is repeated. It is a condition of acceptance that such Campers follow the programme as outlined in this website and as detailed on the daily camp roster.

- It is a condition of acceptance that all campers follow the programme as outlined in this website and as detailed on the daily camp roster which may change daily if an activity is under repair or if the weather is not appropriate for the activity to take place.

- The Camp Management reserve the right to alter the programme as outlined in this website at any time without prior notice.

- Lost Property will be available for 2 days after the end of the camp (the weekend), then all lost property will be donated to charity on Monday following the end of Camp and further enquiries will not be possible.

- Please inform your child that the use of mobile phones, iPads, iPods, other electronic devices etc. during activities is not allowed. We do not allow any electronic devices at Camp Rockwell, they must be left at home. We will confiscate all such devices including any device which we feel is not in keeping with the multi activity spirit of Camp Rockwell. We ask parents to ensure their child leaves all such devices at home. If confiscated we are not responsible for the safekeeping of such devices. (Exception to electronics ban for medical requirements only, this must be authorised by the nurse prior to camp commencment)

- If the box on the booking form is ticked you agree to allow photos of activities, which may include your child, to be used in promotional material for the Camp on our website, publications, facebook page etc. All photos will be screened before use by the Management of Camp Rockwell. If you do not allow your child to have their photo taken, please be aware that if a group photo is being taken we will ask them to step out for the photo, regardless of whether the child wishes to be in it, we cannot allow them to remain in it when you have specified at the time of booking that you do not wish their photo to be used.

- It is a condition of enrolment that the booking application is completed by a parent or legal guardian only. A parent or legal guardian must ensure that they provide us with the parent/legal guardian name & phone number at the time of booking. The person making the booking must ensure that we are informed of any order which would prevent another parent from having access to the child.

- The date of birth must be the correct one for each child. This is mandatory, any person who includes an incorrect date of birth for a child has put their child at risk, you will be phoned to remove the child from the camp immediately and no refund will be allowed. The date of birth of your child is very important for their safety and for our medical staff and any emergency services. Please do not compromise your child's safety by inputting an incorrect date of birth.

- Camp Rockwell books up quickly each year. Once all places are filled no further bookings can be accepted and a waiting list may be put in place.

- If the incorrect amount is paid online you will be contacted to pay the balance immediately by card. The Camp reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time if the full amount has not been paid, in such circumstances the amount paid will be refunded less the deposit of €30 (max €50 per family).

- The information contained in the Frequently asked Questions section of our website also forms part of the terms and conditions which you accept when making a booking.

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